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How HouseCall Concierge Medicine Works

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Guaranteed home visits

Get at least one home visit by the doctor each month

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Reach the doctor anytime via Telehealth, phone, email or text 24 / 7 / 365

Our Concierge Medicine philosophy is centered around the personal relationships we have with our members. Keeping you informed and in the best health possible is a primary objective in your customized plan of care.

To make this possible, we are happy to offer our HouseCall Concierge Medicine model to you. This ensures that the delivery of our core Concierge services is both readily available and without any interruptions regardless of your current life circumstances.

In our continued efforts to deliver our care in the most convenient way, we have recently added Telehealth (aka Telemedicine) services to our practice. Feel free to arrange for a Telehealth appointment with the doctor of your choice, by CONTACTING US, and then click on their profile image above to initiate the call.

What is HouseCall Concierge Medicine?


The value of a HouseCall medical practice


The convenience of Concierge Medicine / Membership Medicine.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind for your loved ones

Membership Benefits

HouseCall & Telehealth Visits

Same day or next day convenient HouseCall visits to your home or facility as well as Telehealth visits


Life coaching and counseling to the family

Care giving agencies

Get help in interfacing with care giving agencies

Vacation support

Get vacation support when you are going out of the country

Medication review

Get help with medication management to ensure minimal interactions and optimal results.

Dietary advice

Ongoing advice and information about dietary best practices to fit your lifestyle and body type.

Most home visits are done during normal business hours, but you have 24 hour 365 day phone availability to ourselves or the on call MD.

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HouseCall Concierge Medicine is a unique model of care that combines the value of a HouseCall medical practice with the convenience of Concierge Medicine, also known as Membership Medicine.
Through unhurried visits, we are uniquely situated to deliver the best of both worlds in order to achieve your specific care goals.
As a HouseCall Concierge Medical Practice, we are focused on building a collaborative relationship with our clients and their families in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Our clients love NOT going to the waiting room of their doctor’s office and also the special relationship they enjoy with their physician.
We know how much our patients enjoy customized care, convenience, and a direct relationship with their personal physician. We strive to deliver our specialty services the way you and your loved ones deserve it.

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