Dr. Michael Haga CMD, CWSP


Dr Haga, graduated from Loma Linda University

in 2001. He is Board Certified in Family Practice and completed his residency program at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in 2004.

He has been working in the house call arena since graduating residency and displays a high level of professionalism, and enjoys his line of work and his patients immensely. He is a devoted husband and father.

He is also Board Certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and is committed to providing very competent and compassionate end of life care when needed.

Dr. Haga is also a Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP) with a vast experience in diagnosing, treating, and healing wounds in elderly patients.

He resides in San Juan Capistrano with his wife and three lovely children.

Dr. Joomo Yang


Dr Yang, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and completed his residency at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, CA. He’s been in practice since 2000 and making house calls since 2004.

After spending time in a traditional office practice and as a hospitalist (inpatient care) Dr. Yang has found the greatest satisfaction came in providing house calls, and providing the personal care for his patients. He believes building trust with his patients is important and his compassion and integrity shows in his patient relationships.

Dr. Yang has also spent time in the U.S. Army as an Engineer Corp officer and currently lives in San Clemente with his wife and two lovely children.

About Our Practice

About Our Practice

Doctor In My House was originally founded in 2012, and covers the majority of Orange County, California. The founders believe in compassionate care and quality time with patients is the utmost important part of that patient-physician relationship, and that patients (particularly when they are ill) should not be spending their time driving to and from the doctor’s office just to sit in a waiting room. The founders wanted their patients to have the true quality time with the physicians with customized services, which have been primary in medical practice for centuries.

The valuable time spent with the physician in treating the patient without intervention or interference from governmental agencies or insurance companies, allows the time to be spent actually providing care. The time spent with the patient is more thorough because it’s in the home, and patients aren’t exposed to other sick patients in the waiting room.

The physicians will come to the home or office, whichever is the most convenient; providing the most in privacy and comfort. The physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone or e-mail, and both next-day and same-day appointments are available.

When physicians develop a strong patient relationship, the ongoing care and treatment is superior to those who are rushed in the office. The physicians get to know the patients, and develop and understanding of their individual health issues.

Our Mission

Our Mission

As a House Call Concierge Medical Practice, Doctor In My House is focused on building a collaborative relationship with our clients and their families in the comfort of their home. We believe that our patients deserve customized care, careful planning, and a direct relationship with their personal physician. We strive to deliver our specialty services the way you and your loved ones deserve it.


Our Commitment to your Privacy

Doctor In My House, Inc. is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary information according to existing laws and standards. We carefully avoid unwarranted invasion or disclosure of patients' privacy. We collect information about the patient's medical condition to provide the best possible care. We are committed to complying with all applicable privacy and security laws and regulations, including the applicable aspects of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To ensure that we protect our patients' rights to privacy, the following guidelines apply:

1.       Access to Protected Health Information (PHI) is limited to those permitted by law.

2.       Maintaining computer passwords and access codes in a responsible and confidential manner.

3.       Ensure that patient information is not discussed in any public area.

4.       Report violation of confidentiality breaches to the designated Privacy Officer or others in the chain of command.

Our Privacy Policy

At Doctor In My House, Inc., we have made it our mission to continue to adhere to our Compliance practices as set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the HITECH Act of 2010, endorsed by the United States Congress and overseen by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Doctor In My House, Inc. maintains HIPAA Compliance through required trainings and exams given to all its staff and management tiers twice per year.

We highly respect our patients and our company so that ensuring patient confidentiality has become a non-negotiable objective. This is done by issuing each health care worker unique access into patient files, extensive background checks for all personnel and staff, and routine follow-up calls and surveys to serviced patients regarding the health care services they receive.  

We, at Doctor In My House, Inc., also complete routine risk assessments required by HIPAA law to ensure the safety and security of all staff functions, as well as all forms of data, whether in storage or while in transmission. Any problems identified in these risk assessments are immediately addressed at the highest possible security level to ensure patient confidentiality at all times.


The Information We Collect

We collect pertinent personal information during the course of servicing our patients, such as Name, Address, and Date of Birth among other data classified as Protected Health Information (PHI).  This also includes information describing the diagnosis and treatment of one or more health condition associated with the services we are providing.


How Information is Transmitted

We receive sensitive information about our patients from parties involved in their medical care, such as doctor's office, medical clinic, medical groups, and other agencies providing care.   We exchange such information securely using accepted methods of transmission such as phone, fax, postal mail, or encrypted email messages.  We report back to the designated parties information and/or results associated with our services using similar secure means.


How Information is Accessed

All information is accessed through secure call, fax, and data lines.  To prevent unauthorized access, Doctor In My House, Inc. maintains high standards of data safeguards on a need-to-know basis. This ensures the appropriate use of information through strict physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. To protect your privacy and security, we will also take the required steps to verify your identity before granting access, providing information, or making any changes.