When you become a member of Doctor in my House, the physician has a variety of services. These services include the following items:

Unlimited number of doctor/patient house call visits, that are in the convenience of home or office and unhurried. It’s designed to provide the utmost privacy and convenience for the patient.

Same day or next day appointments, including Telehealth visits are available at the patient’s convenience.

Physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, text messaging, or e-mail.

There are a limited number of patients per doctor allowing the physicians to have more quality time to spend with the patient.

Coordination with home service providers, such as mobile lab draws and imaging.

There are convenient methods in which to pay the membership dues with a choice of billing schedules including monthly, quarterly, and yearly, as well as payment by credit card, cash, or check.

In case hospitalization is required, the physician will remain the primary coordinator for all in-hospital care.

The physician monitors medications and prescriptions to ensure the medications are not interacting with other medications, and that there are no unnecessary medications prescribed.

The physician and patient work together to define and help achieve health goals, which includes preventative care, nutrition, and well being. The physicians can help with exercise plans as well.

Records for each patient are available online for the patients who want to sign up for on-line medical records.

If specialist are required, the physician reviews and coordinates all referrals to the specialists, and continues to be the primary coordinator with all specialists who are needed.

Overall wellness comprehensive examinations are part of the annual “Stay Healthy” program.

Concierge level service is provided by the professional practice staff, which is caring and knows that patient care is the most important aspect of Doctors in the Home.